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As we are all aware, nothing about 2020 is normal.  We are always being thrown curve balls. When thinking about how to do our annual St. John's Kris Kringle Christmas Project, I was really trying to figure out a way how we could continue to support CYS, Big Brothers and Sisters, and the families in our parish who need our help and continue to maintain safety rules. There could be no name tags, no shopping for the gifts, no beautifully wrapped presents being brought to our church on the weekends in Advent and no interaction with the people picking up the gifts. I prayed to the Holy Spirit and I believe HE guided me in my decision making process.

Best news of all, St. Therese Booster Club will be joining the St. John Christian Mothers in this year's Kris Kringle project. With their joint support, we believe we can do this project, and also assist St. Therese in supporting their families who need help this Christmas. We will be doing things a little bit differently than last year. This year we are asking you to support our project by purchasing Gift Cards instead of gifts.  If you would like to be part of this project, we ask that you purchase a $25.00 Gift card from either Target or Walmart.  We would love to do 125 total gift cards. However, the more Gift Cards we get, the more children from both parishes will be able to receive a gift from us. I know how many gifts were purchased by St. John's in the past and I know in my heart we can reach this GOAL and hopefully surpass it. If you are able to donate more than one card, that would be wonderful.

The only thing we cannot predict is the number of Gift Cards we will receive from you, our parishioners.  The total number of cards we receive will be up to YOU. Once we know the total Gift Card number, we can reach out to families in our parishes who might need our help and then I can contact, CYS and BB & Sisters for the names of children from their organizations that would love to have someone give them a gift this Christmas.

I will let you know more details as to when we will need to have the Gift Cards returned to us. Special gift boxes will be placed in the churches for you to deposit your Gift Cards. I am hoping to have the deadline for the return of the Gift Cards, the weekend of December 5th and 6th.  Gift cards can also be mailed or brought to the Parish Office.

 Many of these children will not be having a Merry Christmas this year without your support. I want them to know Kris Kringle didn't forget them this year. 

Thank you,
Rita Rae, St. John Christian Mothers
Brenda Sabatini, St. Therese Boosters Club